Bones Brothers Wings Truck

Bones Brothers Wings


Owner: Jim & Lauren Dowrey & Bryan Reeves
Phone: 513-206-0970

It started on the backyard grill with an old family recipe Jim had and a spicy chicken wing sauce Bryan carefully crafted over time. Bones Brothers signature sauce was born. Later came a road trip to the original home of the chicken wing, The Anchor Bar, to study in the ways of the wing. After trying many wings in many different cities and towns, they developed a unique method for preparation that produced amazing results.
This is not your usual breaded hard-fried little wing tossed in hot sauce. This is a jumbo wing GRILLED with flavor down to the bone!
Friends and family loved the wings, so it was time to see what the public thought of them. Jim, Lauren & Bryan began selling wings, chicken breast skewers (as a boneless option) and Mom’s potatoes at local bars.
When strangers, who don’t have to be nice or complimentary, say this is the BEST chicken wing flavor they’ve had then it’s time to think about making them available to everyone. Bones Brothers Wings began and now, after careful development, we’re able to bring our unique, handcrafted, GRILLED signature flavor to you on our newly equipped professional food truck! See you soon!