CFTA Inquiry Form

Thank you for reaching out to the Cincinnati Food Truck Association (CFTA) for your event needs.

*** The amount of customers served per hour is based on each individual truck. An average of customers served per hour is around 40-60. For an event that is approximately 4-5 hours one truck will be suffice for 200-300 people that are expected to eat. If the event is not an “eating” event you can double to numbers per truck. Please do not request multiple trucks to have a “variety,” many truck have multiple options that can provide a variety for your event. Please note your request below in the “Other Information” section.

*** Please note that Food Trucks are providing a service (such as a caterer does) and a fee to attend your event is not recommended. Each Truck has its’ own catering fees and required minimums, and it is up to the individual trucks to contact you if they are interested in participating in your event. The CFTA does not schedule any trucks for events.