Become A Member

Membership Requirements
**Failure to meet these requirements will result in rejection of application

Membership in the Cincinnati Food Truck Association is open to any mobile food vendor who:
1. Mobile food truck means a single or double-axle license-plated vehicle that is completely mobile with no permanent fixed location, the vendor of which prepared food from a state/city/county inspected commissary as well as on board your vehicle to serve or distribute to customers in a form suitable for immediate consumption.

i. Temporary food vendors, tents, pop-ups or other stationary food vending operations are NOT ELIGBLE for membership.

ii. Previous members have been grandfathered in

2. Business established and the following has been completed:

i. Overall Aesthetics (pleasing in appearance, do not want to appear as a concession vehicle seen at a fair.)

ii. Branding/Marketing in place, with a logo, vehicle design.

iii. The internet is the lifeline to Mobile business. Must be active with at least one of these: Active website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Or all four if you prefer.)

iv. Present a mobile vehicle which utilizes functional/reliable equipment, puts out quality cuisine at a quick rate of speed to the consumer and has the capacity to hold
inventory to serve food for multi-hour events

3. All vendors must have a business license with a city or county within the Tri-State Area (this includes Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky & Southern Indiana, within the 275 loop.)

i. Vendor can show proof of new residence, if residing in the Greater Cincinnati Area and is planning to relocate business

4. Is licensed by the State of Ohio as a “Food Service Operation” under the category of “Mobile Food Service Operation – Mobile”

i. Agrees to send a copy of mobile of renewed license every year

5. Liability Insurance of $1,000,000.00 or more.

6. Agreement to abide all Bylaws and the Code of Conduct

Grandfather Clause
It is a given that the old rule continues to apply to some existing membership. This document will apply to all future cases of membership acceptance. Those exempt from this document are said to have grandfather rights or acquired rights.

1. The CFTA, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis, if it is felt that it benefits the group. This will be voted on by all the members.

2. The CFTA Board has the right to amend this document at any time. Once this document has been amended the members will vote the amended information in.

ACTION REQUIRED: Prior to requesting a membership application these following steps must be completed:

1. Certification by the Ohio Board of Health (copy of license)

2. A business license with a City or County within the Tri-State Area (this includes Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky & Southern Indiana, within the 275 loop)

3. Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 or more

4. Vehicle Insurance

5. A jpg image of your logo

6. A jpg image of your mobile vehicle

7. website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Page of business

Agreement to abide all Bylaws and the Code of Conduct of the Cincinnati Food Truck Association

8. One you obtain the following please send email to and request an application (this is in the form of a google doc and must be completed there) to be sent you.

***To apply for membership you must first add yourself to our waiting list by requesting an application. You must be able to upload all the items stated above in order to complete your application. Once the board receives your application you will be approved based on our membership guidelines.

***Applicants will be processed on a first come, first served method as determined by our board. Applications will be accepted during nonfood truck season times (ex. Nov-April.) We will have a non-formal new members meeting before our regular board meeting. In order to introduce you to some existing members and tie up any loose ends pertaining to your application.

***The CFTA reserves the right not to accept all applications. The CFTA is a non-profit organization, and is staffed by volunteers. We appreciate your patience.