Mission Statement:

To campaign for safe, affordable and legal access to street food in metro Cincinnati area by fostering positive relations between street vendors and the residents and business of the communities they serve. Our mission is to create a market in which food trucks, trailers, vendors and patrons alike can work together for the betterment of the industry.

About Us:

The Cincinnati Food Truck Association is a registered non profit that was established in 2013 as the industry association for food trucks. We are a collective of entrepreneurs in an industry that has seen a tremendous amount of growth locally and nationally. Our initial primary focus is to advocate for food truck friendly laws in the community we serve and create a standard of best practices for our members to follow that ensure we are operating at a high level.


– Mobile Vending Program is no longer a pilot program in Cincinnati, City Council passed this in April of 2013.

– Mobile Vending Program gained two more spots in 2013, location next to Rhinehaus & location at Washington Park

– Teamed up with Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce for the Taste of Cincinnati – added Food Truck Alley – 2013

– Cincinnati Street Food Festival, Sponsored by Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation – 2012 & 2013

– Milford Street Food Festival, Sponsored by Milford Chamber Of Commerce– 2013

– Union Centre Food Truck Rally, Sponsored by The Union Centre Merchant Association – 2013



Emily Frank / Owner of C’est Cheese Food Truck

Elizabeth Romero / Owner of SugarSnap! Food Truck