Just Jerks Truck

Just Jerks


Owner: Ashford & Alicia Hayles
Email: info@thatsjerk.com
Phone: 937-369-9497
Website: www.ThatsJerk.com

Founded in September 2011, Enas Jerkmania located in Springdale, Ohio, is the brainchild of Ms. Ena’s sons Marlon and Ashford Hayles. This family-owned and operated restaurant utilizes the increasing popular fast casual dining model providing customers with speedy, authentic, Jamaican Jerk cuisine. Ashford and his wife Alicia, opened Ena’s Jerkmania to make premium Jerk fare readily available to the mass market.

As the Ena’s brand continues to expand, the Hayles’ family are achieving their vision of solidifying Jamaican Jerk food as a top choice among ethnic cuisines. Just Jerks made its debut in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus areas on April 20, 2015.