Owner: Joel Miller
Email: kaimelskys@gmail.com
Phone: 513-312-9589
Website: http://kaimelskys.com/

Kaimelsky’s is a mobile food cart operation featuring high quality hot dogs, gourmet sausages and other grilled entrees.

It’s Not Just the Food, It’s the EXPERIENCE
Any fool can provide a hot dog, sausage or other grilled entrees at an event. Only Kaimelsky’s can provide the atmosphere that will make your event one to remember. Our service is reminiscent of the iconic hot dog cart replete with the steam and the smell of grilled meats and vegetables in the air. Your guests will be dazzled as they are served their meal directly from the cart with efficient and timely service.

Just Take A  Look at Some of Our Menu Choices

Nathan’s ® Beef Hot Dog
Iconic Coney Island Hot Dog

Tony Packo’s Big Dog
Toledo’s famous ¼ lb natural casing Hot Dog made famous by Cpl. Klinger on M*A*S*H

Hot Mett
Queen City’s® spicy smoked sausage

Cincinnati style mild white sausage

Italian Sausage
NYC style w/grilled peppers & Onions

Polish Sausage
Hardwood Smoked and garlic flavor

Hamburger/Turkey Burger
1/3 lb burger with a huge variety of toppings

Veggie burger
Vegan burger with a grilled burger taste

Zapps® Chips, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Pop