Quite Frankly


Owner: Stephan Komissarov & Amy Flottemesch
Phone: 513-515-1540

BIO: We take a simple concept and make it unique. Gourmet style All Beef Franks, Fresh Ingredients & Mad Crazy combinations.

Quite frankly, we’re not just franks…we’re mad crazy!!
But don’t be fooled, we take our food very seriously.   Our idea started with 1/4lb all beef franks, mad crazy, mountainous toppings and crazier attitudes. Our homemade quality toppings and frank products soon became fan favorites. We took those unheard of recipes and put our thoughts to sandwich making too!! All of our creations are full of fresh made, mouthwatering flavors and some insane combinations!! Our franks are served with a knife and fork and sandwiches may require a bib!! Come check us out in your neighborhood, and better still, if you want some mad crazy catering, we’ll come to you!

                                                    About Us
Quite Frankly is a small business with big 1/4 lb. all beef frank flavor and mouthwatering choices! We pride ourselves on quality, mobility and the joy of creativity! Our mad crazy menu items are created fresh daily and are guaranteed to tempt your taste buds! From the sweet savory “Almond Butter Jelly Time”, to the “Twisted Sister” topped with our award winning White Bean Chicken Chili, and the particularly powerful “Pumba”, or the warm gooey “Granny Brie” & Ridiculously fantastic “Frank’s Reuben”, you’re sure to find a fresh choice to fit your fancy! 

We’re not just franks!!! Now offering specialty sandwiches & sides along with our frank favorites.  We’ll be rolling around with some of our frank favorites and a slew of new menu items this year!!!!  Keep an eye out for our new truck lovingly named “Brenda” and the fantastic flavors we’ll be turning out!! 

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