Texas Joe

Texas Joe The Legal Mexican


Owner: Joe Garcia & Niko Lacobucci
Email: jgarcia@texasjoethelegalmexican.com
Phone: 713-454-2278
Website: http://texasjoethelegalmexican.com/

Bio: I moved to Kentucky from Houston, Texas 8 years ago. I have been in the culinary field for over 20 years. After being initially mistaken as a gardener by my new neighbors, I have found a place in the local culinary scene. I missed the Mexican food back home that my mother made so I decided to open up a food truck in 2012 and get started. Thus, my identity as Texas Joe the Legal Mexican was born. I chose the name ”Texas Joe the Legal Mexican” to display my pride as a third generation Mexican-American and have a little fun. In the meantime, I hope I created a memorable name. My family recipes include homemade spices and authentic Mexican techniques that have been handed down for generations.