The miniLDW

Owner: Rick & Teresa Morgan
Email: Rick@TheLDW.com
Phone: 513-683-0992
Website: www.TheLDW.com

Bio: The Loveland Dairy Whip is a family-owned business offering a wide variety of soft serve specialty ice cream desserts. The Chocolate Mountain, Hot Caramel Cake & Gummy Monster are a few examples. We take pride in serving quality desserts. The miniLDW offers many of the same desserts as the Dairy Whip. Reserve the miniLDW for birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, or corporate events. We are also available for festivals, fairs and food truck rallies.

Loveland Dairy whip is a seasonal business which begins its season 1st week in March and ends last week in September.

Loveland Dairy Whip
611 W. Loveland Ave
Loveland , OH 45140