Starting a Truck

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Who to contact about starting a Mobile Food Truck

3701-21-02 (C) The operator of a mobile food service operation shall make an application for a license to the board of health of the health district in which the operator's business headquarters are located.

***The operator of a mobile food service operation whose business address is located outside of Ohio shall make an application for a license to the board of health having jurisdiction over the operator's first Ohio location in any one licensing year.

***If you do not have a business headquarters, then use your home address. If this is located OUTSIDE Cincinnati (CITY proper) then you contact the health district where your home is located.

Cincinnati Health Department:

3845 Wm. P. Dooley By-Pass
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Food Safety Inspections
Phone: 513-564-1751

CLICK HERE: A Guide to the Licensing and Operation of Mobile Food Service Operations - Prepared by The Cincinnati Health Department Food Safety Office

CLICK HERE: Licensing Application

CLICK HERE: 2018 Food Safety Training

**Contact them about the Mobile Vending Program

Northern Kentucky Health Department:
Contact: Ted Talley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 859-363-2027

**Please note Kentucky's plumbing requirements are different from Ohio's
KY Plumbing Office
Phone: 859-341-8228

Requesting a temporary license in KY- Submit this application and fee at least 3 days prior to operating date
Complete application with required fee to:
Northern KY Health Department
610 Medical Village Drive,
Edgewood, KY 41017
CLICK HERE: KY Temporary Mobile Permit

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