Starting a Truck

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Who to contact about starting a Mobile Food Truck

3701-21-02 (C) The operator of a mobile food service operation shall make an application for a license to the board of health of the health district in which the operator's business headquarters are located.

***The operator of a mobile food service operation whose business address is located outside of Ohio shall make an application for a license to the board of health having jurisdiction over the operator's first Ohio location in any one licensing year.

***If you do not have a business headquarters, then use your home address. If this is located OUTSIDE Cincinnati (CITY proper) then you contact the health district where your home is located.

250 William Howard Taft Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Cincinnati Health Department:

3845 Wm. P. Dooley By-Pass

Cincinnati, OH 45223
Food Safety Inspections
Phone: 513-564-1751

CLICK HERE: A Guide to the Licensing and Operation of Mobile Food Service Operations - Prepared by The Cincinnati Health Department Food Safety Office

CLICK HERE: Licensing Application

CLICK HERE: 2018 Food Safety Training

**Contact them about the Mobile Vending Program

Northern Kentucky Health Department:
Contact: Ted Talley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 859-363-2027

**Please note Kentucky's plumbing requirements are different from Ohio's
KY Plumbing Office
Phone: 859-341-8228

Requesting a temporary license in KY- Submit this application and fee at least 3 days prior to operating date
Complete application with required fee to:
Northern KY Health Department
610 Medical Village Drive,
Edgewood, KY 41017
CLICK HERE: KY Temporary Mobile Permit

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